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Dov Charney: The Maverick Behind American Apparel and Los Angeles Apparel

In the world of fashion and apparel, few names stir as much intrigue and controversy as Dov Charney. His journey from a young entrepreneur selling T-shirts to the founder of two major apparel brands, American Apparel and Los Angeles Apparel, is as storied as it is turbulent. In this article, we delve into the life of Dov Charney, a figure who reshaped the fashion industry with his unorthodox approaches and unwavering commitment to domestic manufacturing.

The Early Days

Dov Charney’s story begins in Montreal, Canada, where he was born in 1969. His entrepreneurial spirit showed early, as he started importing Hanes and Fruit of the Loom shirts to Canada and selling them while still in high school. Charney’s interest in apparel wasn’t just about business; it was about a vision of fashion that was both simple and deeply rooted in quality.

American Apparel: The Rise

In 1997, Charney moved to Los Angeles and founded American Apparel. His vision was clear – to create high-quality, basic clothing, and to do it all in America. This was a bold move in an industry dominated by outsourced manufacturing. Charney's commitment to ‘Made in USA’ wasn’t just a marketing gimmick; it was a principle he adhered to, even if it meant higher costs.

American Apparel quickly became known for its classic, comfortable styles and its provocative advertising. The brand resonated with young consumers, becoming a staple in urban fashion. Charney's approach to marketing was as unconventional as his manufacturing ethics, often stirring controversy but also keeping the brand in constant public discourse.

Controversy and a Downfall

Despite its commercial success, American Apparel's journey wasn't without challenges. Charney's management style and the company's advertising strategies often attracted criticism and legal troubles. Allegations of sexual harassment and financial missteps eventually led to Charney's ousting from the company in 2014.

A Fresh Start with Los Angeles Apparel

Undeterred by his tumultuous exit from American Apparel, Charney was quick to bounce back. In 2016, he founded Los Angeles Apparel, a company that echoes the ethos of his first venture – quality apparel made in America. With Los Angeles Apparel, Charney seems to be rechanneling his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to domestic manufacturing.

Los Angeles Apparel: A Redemption Story?

Los Angeles Apparel is not just a business; it's a statement. Charney's new venture is built on lessons learned from the past. The brand focuses on ethical manufacturing and sustainable practices, reflecting a more mature understanding of the industry. For Charney, it's not just about making clothes; it's about creating a legacy that values workers, quality, and sustainability.


Dov Charney's story is a blend of ambition, controversy, innovation, and resilience. His impact on the apparel industry is undeniable. From shaking up fashion norms to championing domestic manufacturing, Charney's influence continues with Los Angeles Apparel.

In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, Charney's commitment to simplicity, quality, and ethical practices remains a guiding light. As we watch Los Angeles Apparel grow, we can't help but appreciate the grit and determination of a man who, despite his flaws, has never stopped striving to make a mark in the fashion world.

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