I'm a felon.  I was convicted of embezzling funds.  Got caught putting it back.  Spent some time in jail.  As if jail wasn't challenging enough, trying to find a job afterwards was insane.  Over the course of 12 months, I had about a dozen offers that fell apart.  Now, those are the employers who perhaps didn't do click their mouse ahead of time.  My saving grace is that I'm really well educated.  Bad choices, but smart.  

Employment post incarceration is tough - 10x tougher actually.  My prior career is closed off.  No returning there.  It got me thinking, what are jobs that a previously incarcerated could do?  Selling shirts.  Now, it's not unique.  Most non-profits that help previously incarcerated individuals do it, actually.  But, we're a little different.  Most non-profits use their shirt printing business to fund the greater mission of helping more people and providing that turnaround point where a trainee graduates into another role.  My hypothesis is that my team members will do better still if they didn't have to worry about their next job.  What if we provided full healthcare?  What if we provided emotional, pastoral, life management support?  What if we provided a pathway to making a healthy income that not only allows for a previously incarcerated person to not just survive, but to thrive?  

So yes, our website reads as a commerce site to purchase shirts with clever, uplifting messages.  We'll expand beyond that in time.  But our real business is changing lives - restoring dignity - one human at a time.  Please - buy a shirt.  Buy two.  Give a second chance and support our mission.