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We're too smart for you (nerd) - Breaking Free Industries

We're too smart for you (nerd)

Yes - we have an off-color sense of humor.  We some of our designs are witty and appeal to the nerd crew.  Ranging from those into tech or NASA, you'll find your designs here. 

After all, you should wear what you love.  What you wear tells us a story.  What's yours.  There are a pair of designs that you'll find when you're just waiting for your Adobe Media to finish processing.  Before there was SpaceX or Blue Origin, there was NASA.  Our nation's best and brightest fought for the race to the moon.  Some years later, when interest in space exploration kind of waned in the 1970s, we developed the plans for the Space Shuttle.  Following the pioneers who landed on the moon, the Space Shuttle provided the spirit, the can-do attitude, that we could really colonize space.  While NASA has had its challenges, that dream lives on.  However, the iconomic imagery of either the NASA worm logo or the meatball have sort of a cult following.  

These designs are all inspired by what can be done with the ingenuity of the human mind kindled by our spirit.  


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