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Custom T-Shirt Design

What you wear tells a story.  What your team members wear, tells your story.  Standing by your brand promise not only means doing what you say you're going to do, but also it means looking clean and crisp each and every time you go out.  Don't believe me?  Look to In-N-Out!  What do those crisp and clean white uniforms tell you?  Need another example?  Look to Disneyland and the cast members there.  We provide top notch corporate wear, on time, on budget, every time, so that your team tells your amazing story.

While we primarily use Bella+Canvas t-shirts, we will be sure to find the right apparel that matches the look you seek.  We don't have a run minimum or a minimum order quantity.  We have design resources available for an additional fee.

Like most t-shirt printers, the greater the volume, the lower your per unit price will be.

To avoid confusion about how we work, please consider the following:

  1. These are your designs - You represent to us that you have the right to use the artwork, images, or phrases; or, they are in the public domain.  Further, you give us permission to print your designs for your exclusive benefit.  We are not responsible for any third party claim of copyright infringement.  
  2. Onboarding timeline - Your initial order will be processed in three weeks.  This time allows for us to obtain your inventory and to produce the initial artwork.   From that point forward, our production time is two business days, subject to product availability.  From time to time, your specific product-color-size may be unavailable.  We will take all reasonable efforts to ensure a stable supply chain.  We will proactively inform you if there is a supply chain issue at which time you could choose a similar garment or wait for the mill to replenish its stock.  
  3. When things go wrong - We are responsible and will reprint without charge for any printing defects, wrong items sent, or any shipment that does not scan in with a common carrier.  You bear financial responsibility on customer exchanges, returns, or items lost once in transit.  We are happy to store saleable returns and will charge a modest processing fee once resold.  
  4. Access to your point of sale - While we can process a bulk order of product at any time, we request two weeks to implement a process to incorporate your point of sale platform (i.e. shopify store, woo commerce, instagram shop, etc) into our process.  Ideally, we have limited access to your point of sale so that we can pass through tracking information.
  5. Shipping - By default, we will ship by the cheapest means possible.  Though approximate, this usually means:
    1. One t-shirt - $4.24 - first class mail
    2. Two t-shirts - $5.50 - first class mail
    3. Four or more t-shirts up to 5 lbs (or any time you seek priority mail) - $9.50 - priority mail
    4. Greater than 5 lbs - our cost on UPS or FedEx

During the run-up to Christmas, First Class Mail times are absolutely terrible, if it makes it at all.  It is important to convey to your customers to place orders prior to December 15 to have a level of comfort of receiving the order prior to the holiday.  We suggest shifting  all orders to priority mail starting December 10 and pass along the incremental cost to your customers.  While UPS and FedEx are slightly more reliable during the holiday, they too can experience delays.  Further, UPS and FedEx are slightly better about managing lost parcels. 

Please fill the form below to describe your project and we will reach out to you within 24 hours to take the next steps on getting you a quote. 

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