BELLA + CANVAS - Unisex Sponge Fleece Raglan Sweatshirt - 3901

Size: XS
Color: Black


Our social enterprise mindset goes beyond who we hire. Social enterprise is a mindset that runs deep in our organization. It defines where we locate our offices. It defines our supplier base. It also defines to whom we sell.

We love the Bella+Canvas apparel line so much that we are happy to sell their products even without a drop of our ink on them.

We love them because of:

  • They have a huge color palette that spans the spectrum. Sure, lots of people keep it simple with black, white, or athletic heather. For their standard 3001 t-shirt, Bella offers 65 solid colors and an additional 65 heathered color options. This huge selection allows us to pick the exact shade you seek for your custom shirts or if you just want the shirt plain. If you don’t see the color option you want here, drop us a line and we can source it for you.
  • Our custom printed t-shirt designs show up really, really well on their garments.
  • They are soft to the touch, vibrant in color, and form fitting.
  • They have a massive array of styles well beyond the standard tee shirt.
  • Bella + Canvas is extremely mindful of their carbon footprint despite having global operations.
  • No sweatshops. Recycle, recycle.
  • And it’s super cool that we are local to them.

Bella began back in 1992. They started off, as so many of us are now, as shirt printers. They went up the vertical supply chain and started to make blanks. Then they added Canvas, their line for men. Kids apparel came shortly thereafter.

They continued to specialize in beautiful womenswear, but soon gathered customers all over the world for their new items.

Before long, they were selling their clothing to some of the world’s biggest retailers, and the name Bella + Canvas was becoming widely known. They continue to grow and have been an amazing partner  

If you don’t see an item of theirs available for purchase here - don’t worry, we can probably get it from them. Due to their close proximity to our Santa Ana office, we purchase most of our apparel directly from Bella’s headquarters in Commerce.

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