MIM Reformer Mat

Color: Columbia Blue
Style: Pilates Strong


Pilates Reformer Mat

Roll out this stylish mat for your reformer that provides a hygienic, stylish and comfortable session on any reformer. 


Enjoy your Pilates classes while eliminating the concern of spreading germs. The Pilates mat is made of an absorbing microfiber suede which locks in moisture and helps prevent the spread of germs. The bottom has a natural rubber layer to make sure you won't ever slip. 


  • Lightweight at 2mm makes it portable and provides the right amount of cushion and softness during your class
  • Non-slip 100% biodegradable tree rubber provides excellent grip during exercise
  • Machine wash in cold water and dried and low temperature
  • Each mat comes with a custom-made carry pouch to easily fit all your work out essentials- grip socks, sweat towel and your Reformer Pilates mat! 
  • Fits most studio size reformers: 37.79 inches long, 22 inches wide; neck 11 inches long, 7.48 inches wide

Personally Designed

I spent a handful of months perfecting the NEW Pilates Reformer mat for you! I compared 1mm, 2mm and 3mm while doing your favorite moves both lying down (feet in straps) and standing up (elephant) on the reformer. I found that the 2mm gave me the right amount of support without slipping or bunching up (as thinner mats or towels would). The microfiber is quick to absorb sweat and keep you protected from germs. My goal is to help everyone move their bodies but doing it safely! I created the mats with our customers favorite 2 designs to enjoy in your happy place. 

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