NASA Meatball Logo T-Shirt

Size: XS
Color: Royal Blue
Material: T-Shirt


The date is April 12, 1981.  Imagines soared as engines roared.  NASA was back in business.  It had almost been a decade since the United States had manned flight to space.  The destination then was to the moon.  Now, we were looking at a low orbit.  April 12, 1981 was the date that the Space Shuttle Columbia launched into orbit for its first mission.  With its launch, the imagination of millions rekindled with the dreams of everything that space exploration represents.  Years later, NASA is at it.  Though they've changed their role.  Now, Space-X and Blue Origin are the main players.  Virgin Glactic is set to bring non-scientists into very low orbit.  But NASA remains the icon that represents all things space.  Own the shirt.  We are offering it here as a hoodie or as a t-shirt.

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