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Silent Warrior Chronicles (SWC) SuperSoft Zipper Hoodie

Silent Warrior Chronicles (SWC) SuperSoft Zipper Hoodie

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Support Silent Warrior Chronicles by purchasing this SuperSoft Hoodie. Many of you asked why did L4dyDMC & DesiGirl choose pink and black as their company colors… Well, grab your Hazelnut Latte and Chocolate Croissant as we take you to the forest that we call “Moors Land”…

As you all know by now L4dyDMC is a HUGE Angelina Jolie fan and has seen all of her movies… including Maleficent. When DesiGirl saw Maleficent (the first one) and saw the scene where King Stefan takes Maleficent’s wings after drugging her… that scene spoke to her and for the first time she felt her pain, feeling of anger, shame, disgust, hurt, fear, self blame… be VALIDATED. For the first time since the incident… she felt free of “it was my fault I was assaulted” and felt she could start to heal and did not feel like she was “dirty deeds”. 

When L4dyDMC saw Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, specially the scene where Aurora asks Maleficent to cover her horns when meeting Prince Philips parents… that scene spoke to her. She realized all of her life she has been asked to “cover her horns” in the name of “what would society say”. She has never been allowed to be HERSELF without being shamed or told what she wants/likes is wrong. This scene, helped her realize that she no longer wanted to “hide her horns” and wanted to show the world who she was… a good Dark Fae. 

Now you may be wondering, “where does the pink and black come from?” 

In both movies Aurora was the human that was accepting of all (no matter human or fairy) and in return of the acceptance Maleficent would protect her from all harm. Similarly, DesiGirl is accepting of all and in return L4dyDMC protects her from all harm. Both ladies are Queens, L4dyDMC Queen of the Warriors and DesiGirl the Queen that brings the two worlds (Mental Health Warriors and Mental Health Professionals) together. 

The pink represents DesiGirl the Aurora of SWC and the black represents L4dyDMC the Maleficent of SWC.

When wearing the hoodie, remember never let anyone take your wings from you or make you cover your horns… the world will try to break you, shame you, and steal from your magic… do not allow them. You are amazing as you are… 


L4dyDMC & DesiGirl

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