Each shirt you purchase supports a formerly incarcerated person's pursuit of a new life.

We are more than just a t-shirt company.

We work with you from design to printing and shipping to create high-quality apparel that will last. No minimums and no setup fees.
Help support our mission of reducing the rate of recidivism in the United States.

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What you wear tells a story.  What your team members wear, tells your story.  Standing by your brand promise not only means doing what you say you're going to do, but also it means looking clean and crisp each and every time you go out.  We work with coffee shops, restaurants, student clubs, sports clubs, fundraisers, and more! We provide top notch corporate wear, on time, on budget, every time, so that your team tells your amazing story.

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I'm Back Custom Printed Heart Attack Surgery Cotton Tee Shirt

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Help us help others find liberation from bondage to freedom.  Support Breaking Free Apparel by buying our t-shirts, knowing that as you do so you are providing hope and support to many.


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Born and raised in Los Angeles I have lived an easy life compared to most. I've navigated through our judicial system from a place of white privilege; support and guidance have kept me alive. But I know this is not the case for 99.9% of the people out there.  What makes me believe that I am worthy of a future is the idea that I am not my alleged mistakes.  Someone took a chance on me and said "I'm more interested in what you can do than what you may have done."  Working at BFI is my way of passing the torch... and getting some neat swag for free :) 



We’ve all made mistakes.  Some of us were caught.  There is an abundance of untapped talent. My goal here is to unleash that talent and creating an organization that is a positive, nurturing, and a profitable environment that is criminally good.


Hello, I would like to share something about my story, for years I was deprived of liberty. There were plans in my life before the confinement that were left in limbo and others that I definitely had to give up forever, but the most important thing is that I find new dreams and goals; I always wanted my own restaurant but when I got out of prison I crashed into a completely different world, really a drastic and overwhelming shock; but you know I have never stopped chasing my dream, I think that if I resisted that dehumanizing place, surely I can cope with the new world that I found; Fortunately for me Breaking free industries (my good and disinterested friend Josh) opened a new window towards my future with a simple but complicated and sometimes even questioned action, I believed in myself out of all prognosis for being an ex-convict, now I have a chance also I learned a new job, true happiness is in walking the path of life, even if sometimes you stumble, giving up is not an option. standing firm and holding your head up is the tricky thing, remember life is not a competition. no one is going to get there first than us, life is a journey in which each person has their own mission. we just have to breathe and enjoy. Thanks, Josh, for believing in me.

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