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3 Things Nonprofits Need to Know About Tees

Super cool! You're having an in-person event. In-person events means tees! Too often, nonprofits overlook the opportunity with tees. We are all guilty of the typical tee cycle. Wear it once. Then it becomes a painters shirt. Then a rag. Then to the trash. Your goal is to get your attendee to wear that shirt more than once. In fact-the average American wears a shirt 7 times before they dispose of it. If that same average American has the typical 16 in-person interactions per day, that's 112 opportunities for your attendee to have a conversation about your org. So how do you do that? Simple-produce a shirt we want to wear!

1) Make it comfortable. Try it on before printing. Is it a shirt you'd wear?
2) Killer design. Don't just put your org's logo on it. Have a logo for the event that resonates with your attendees. Be a little clever with your text - "Don't just stand there, donate something!" Put something on the back that stimulates a conversation. Don't just default to your title sponsor.
3) On a sleeve, put the event hashtag or your socials so that they can learn more about your event and your org.

Take those 112 opportunities to make your donor base a mobile billboard for your org.

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