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The Backstory of Marisa in Motion

In the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, a new narrative in the Pilates and apparel industry is being written by Marisa Fuller. Marisa's venture, Marisa in Motion, reflects a story not just of fashion but of empowerment and health.

Her shift from a two-decade-long advertising career to the world of Pilates was spurred by personal health revelations. Faced with her mother's cancer diagnosis and her own genetic predisposition, Marisa chose to embrace a path that offered control and fulfillment. This pivot led to the birth of her desire to take on a Studio Pilates franchise – a space synonymous with community and wellness.

Marisa's studios, now three strong, are more than just fitness centers; they are a refuge where ages and backgrounds blur into a tapestry of shared fitness goals. Pilates, with its grace borrowed from yoga and ballet, became the medium through which Marisa channeled her philosophy of inclusive fitness.

But her vision didn't stop at the studio doors. During the solitude of the pandemic, Marisa harnessed her creativity to launch Marisa in Motion, an apparel line that embodies the spirit of her Pilates ethos. Self-taught on digital design platforms, Marisa's designs are a celebration of motion, capturing the fluidity and strength of Pilates in fabric form. Her apparel line, available at Breaking Free Industries, is a testament to sustainable style, offering pieces that speak to the eco-conscious, fashion-forward individual.

Each piece from Marisa in Motion is a narrative of resilience and elegance, mirroring the journey of its creator. They stand as wearable affirmations of Marisa's belief in the transformative power of Pilates – a belief echoed in the designs that grace the apparel. From sleek leggings that promise to move with you to tanks that breathe with your every stretch, the collection is a homage to the motion that defines Pilates.

Marisa Fuller’s story is not just one of triumph over adversity; it's a beacon for entrepreneurial spirits navigating the intricate dance of business and passion. It's a narrative that stretches beyond the confines of a Pilates studio and into the fabric of the clothes that bear her brand's name. Her journey with Studio Pilates and Marisa in Motion captures an essence that is as much about the inner self as it is about outward expression.

Breaking Free Industries proudly showcases Marisa in Motion, where each item is more than just apparel; it's a piece of Marisa's indomitable spirit, woven into the very threads, waiting to be a part of your story.

Marisa Fuller, through Studio Pilates and Marisa in Motion, has created more than a business; she has crafted a movement, inviting us all to find our rhythm in the motion of life.

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