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The Ultimate Showdown: Top 5 Blank Tees for Every Need

The Ultimate Showdown: Top 5 Blank Tees for Every Need

In the world of blank tees, not all shirts are created equal. Whether you're a designer looking for the perfect canvas, a business in search of quality merchandise, or simply someone who appreciates the understated elegance of a good t-shirt, choosing the right blank tee is crucial. Today, we're comparing five of the industry's top contenders: AS Colour 5001, Next Level 3600, Bella+Canvas 3001, Gildan 5000, and Bayside 5000. Let's dive into what sets each apart and where each might fit into your wardrobe or product line.  Sure, I can include photos of each of the tees here, but unfortunately, looking at them really doesn't offer an insight on telling them apart other than touching it or looking at the logo.  With that in mind, away we go. 

AS Colour 5001: The Premium Choice

The AS Colour 5001 is renowned for its premium quality and feel. With a mid-weight fabric and a focus on ethical manufacturing, it's the go-to for those willing to invest a bit more for superior comfort and durability. Ideal for high-end fashion lines or quality corporate branding, the AS Colour 5001 stands out for its softness and minimal shrinkage, making it a favorite among those who prioritize quality and ethical considerations.

Next Level 3600: The Soft Competitor

Next Level's 3600 t-shirt is often compared to Bella+Canvas for its softness and retail-ready fit. With a slightly lower price point than AS Colour, it offers a balance between quality and affordability. Its lightweight, combed ring-spun cotton makes it a comfortable choice for everyday wear and an excellent option for screen printing.

Bella+Canvas 3001: The Eco-Friendly Alternative

Bella+Canvas 3001 is celebrated for its softness and eco-conscious manufacturing. A direct competitor to Next Level in terms of quality and price, Bella+Canvas focuses on sustainability, making it the choice for environmentally aware brands and consumers. Its unisex sizing and vast color range provide versatility for a wide array of uses, from fashion lines to promotional tees.

Gildan 5000: The Budget-Friendly Staple

Gildan's 5000 model is the workhorse of the blank tee world. Known for its affordability and broad availability, it's a popular choice for large-scale orders and promotional use. However, "biggest and cheapest" doesn't always equate to "best." While it may not boast the softness or eco-friendly credentials of its competitors, the Gildan 5000 offers reliable quality and value for those needing a cost-effective solution.

Bayside 5000: The Made-in-USA Option

For those prioritizing American-made products, Bayside's 5000 tee offers a compelling choice. Its construction speaks to durability and support for domestic manufacturing. While it may come at a higher price point compared to some overseas-made alternatives, its quality and the appeal of supporting US workers make it a worthy consideration for brands and consumers alike.


Feature AS Colour 5001 Next Level 3600 Bella+Canvas 3001 Gildan 5000 Bayside 5000
Fabric Weight Mid-weight Lightweight Lightweight Heavy Durable
Material 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton 100% Cotton
Price Point Premium Mid-range Mid-range Budget Higher
Manufacturing Ethical Standard Eco-friendly Standard USA-made
Ideal Use High-end Versatile Eco-conscious Promotional American-made


In conclusion, the best blank tee for your needs depends on a variety of factors including budget, quality preferences, ethical considerations, and intended use. Whether you lean towards the premium feel of AS Colour, the balanced offering of Next Level and Bella+Canvas, the affordability of Gildan, or the domestic appeal of Bayside, there's a blank tee out there that's perfect for your project or wardrobe.  We are happy to step you through the maze of options as you go about your printing needs. 

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