Each shirt you purchase supports a formerly incarcerated person's pursuit of a new life.

Victim-or-Victor Breaking Free Industries

Victim or Victor?

That’s a tough question to answer for so many folks who perhaps made some dumb choices and have been previously incarcerated.  Finding that Second Chance can be almost impossible.  I know, I’ve been there.  ——  But I also know that your History does not create Your Destiny.  I’m Chuck Gallagher, and as a Vice-President in a Public Company today (and a convicted felon - not something I’m particularly proud of) I understand the importance of giving someone in need of help a Second Chance.  —— That’s what Breaking Free Industries is all about.  Providing a foundation of hope and practical support to folks who need to become a victor in their own life.  All of our products are the creation of and manufactured by folks seeking that Second Chance in their life.  

Join me…pick up some of our products and help someone become a VICTOR.

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