Each shirt you purchase supports a formerly incarcerated person's pursuit of a new life.

Custom Cannabis Tees

Dress your dispensary fans with a brand that they love...yours!

Don't Panic It's Organic; Organic Unisex T Shirt - white

Use our designs to inspire your own apparel line.

While we make a colorful array of weed-inspired shirts, use them as inspiration to create something uniquely yours, with your branding, something that puts your store's experience on a shirt. Click here to check out our designs for inspiration.

We make beautiful cannabis t-shirts and reflect the true cannabis lifestyle.

Our cannabis tees celebrate the plant’s history, culture, and community. Whether you smoke weed or prefer other methods of consumption, these high quality shirts are a must-have for any stoner.

Stance, Fabric & Printing Quality

Cannabis t-shirts don’t have to be simple. We use high quality and durable materials which allow our shirts to have a longer, better looking life. We offer a variety of blanks to meet your style.  Organic cotton?  Made in the USA?  Fashion Forward?  We can meet your style.

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